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Homegrown In Greenville

Kim Nelson grew up in a working-class family right here in Greenville, South Carolina. When she was 15 years old, her mother suffered a medical emergency that put a significant strain on her family’s finances. For the first time, Kim began to notice the flaws in our nation’s healthcare system. Today, Kim’s husband David suffers from a pre-existing medical condition – one that launched Kim into activism and a career in public health. 


When one of Kim’s young children was put at risk by an unvaccinated child, she looked into our state’s vaccine policy and found the laws in place just didn’t cut it. Not one to sit on the sidelines, Kim founded South Carolina Parents for Vaccines and was awarded the CDC’s Childhood Immunization Champion Award for her work in vaccine advocacy. In December of 2019, Kim received her Master of Public Health in Health Services Policy and Management from the University of South Carolina. She has worked with local children’s advocates to develop policy on the state level addressing child homelessness, vaccinations, and tobacco use.


Kim knows that our healthcare system is broken and is ready to use her experience in public health to build a healthcare system that works for all Americans. While healthcare remains a priority, Kim’s background in public health also brings a unique and valuable perspective to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, climate breakdown, racial justice, and many other issues.

Now, Kim is the Democratic nominee for Congress in South Carolina’s 4th district, a seat once held by Trey Gowdy and now by Rep. William Timmons. The Upstate has experienced success and growth in Kim’s lifetime, but elected officials have too often built that success on the backs of members of the community and given nothing in return. Instead, they’ve chosen to widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots, and it’s costing the area dearly. 


Every day, people in the district are going bankrupt because they can’t afford their own or their family's medical care, meanwhile, insurance and pharmaceutical companies are reporting record profits. The environment is crumbling around us – guaranteeing that our children will be presented with yet another insurmountable problem to solve because elected officials weren’t willing to take a stand. Kim believes enough is enough. It’s time for someone to stand up to corporate interests and fight for the working-class folks in the Upstate.

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